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Possibly the first gauchos were people who broke their ties with the past and went to the loneliness of the great Pampa were there was water and grass for the cows introduced by the European colonists to graze. 

Only one hour from Buenos Aires the traveler will be able to learn about the tasks in the Argentinean countryside, the life of the gaucho and his incredible skill with the "boleadoras" (three stones tied together with a rope which, when thrown, tangle with the legs of the cows and immobilize them), the knife, the lasso and the use of the correct techniques for salting the best meat in the world. 

Dressed with baggy knee length trousers, sombrero or beret, handkerchief round the neck, spurs and a sharp knife hanging from his belt (which on holidays is changed for a hanging money belt for silver coins) they skillfully ride through the ranches and the prairies. 

By the light of a campfire and with a delicious roast they sing their songs.

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