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South America Bicycle Touring Links
The most extensive collection I've seen thus far of South American cycling travelogues. Features Atravesando Fronteras.

Bicycle the Americas
A great wealth of travelogues and touring info, especially tips on equipment and contacts with other bike tourers. The site's maintained by a couple living in the Comox Valley.
Lots (and lots!) of valuable information for bike tourers.

The Antipodes Expedition
Home page for Gwendal Castellan, a Vancouver resident cycling from Ushuaia to Inuvik, starting the same day as Ryan.

Cheryl Kline's Touring Pages
Tips for bike touring and links to a bunch of travelogues.

Ivan Viehoff's Touring Notes
Very specific information, tips and great photos from a variety of South American touring destinations.

Travel to the Horizon
A collection of bike touring travelogues from around the world.

The Adventure Cycling Association
Information on bike touring, especially in the U.S. Links to Adventure Cyclist magazine, where you can download all sorts of touring-related articles.

Travel With Bicycles
Tips on getting your bike from point A to point B. Discusses planes, trains, automobiles and everything in between.

World Atlas
Not a bike touring site, but useful nonetheless for its wealth of data, which includes the altitudes of just about every city, town and village in the world.

World Climate
Again, not a bike touring site, but no tourer should leave home without checking its wealth of climate information for anywhere in the world.

Adrian Warren's Technical Travel FAQs
Okay, so maybe I'm getting carried away with all these non-bike touring sites, but this is a great place to find answers to all your hi-tech travel questions.