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My South American Bike Trip

Samples of My Photography

“As a rule, cycling journalists don't have much to live for.
In the real world, we rate up there with stockpiled hubcaps.”
-Zapata Espinoza

Cycling the Andes
Adventure Cyclist, May 2006
The bridge was a chaotic mess, a confusing tangle of timeworn cars, deafening two-stroke motorbikes, and an endless stream of coppor-skinned locals, their narrow backs laden with non-descript packages as cumbersome as small refrigerators....more
We'll Be Back
Victoria Times Colonist, July 10, 2005
Our adventure began with a noble plan - to cross Vancouver Island entirely under our own power....more
Atravesando Fronteras
January to November, 2004
Here you'll find the stories I wrote for the Selkirk Journal and the Comox Valley Record during my 11-month bicycle expedition through South America, from January to November, 2004.
Cheating Death With Don Starkell
Paddler Magazine, Sept/Oct, 2002
It's May 24, 1981. Don Starkell and his 20-year-old son cower beside a barbed-wire fence, awaiting execution by a drunken or doped-up Honduran. As Starkell kneels in terror, his captor pumps his 12-guage shotgun, raises it to a shoulder and takes aim.more
Cycling Adventure in Belize
Edmonton Journal, June 22, 2002
There I was, bike straddled between sunburned legs, my equally reddened arms resting heavily on the handlebars, wondering what on earth I was getting myself into.more
Crop Circle Experts Doing the Rounds
The Toronto Star, Aug. 10, 2002
The truth is out there. Maybe even in Ontario.
With the release of "Signs," the latest summer blockbuster brought to us by the Disney crew, director M. Night Shyamalan is set to shake the cobwebs off of the all-but-forgotten phenomenon of crop circles.more